How it started...

How it started...

How it's going.

How it's going.

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Welcome Neighbors.

We are Saint Albans, Vermont neighbors who are committed to making St. Albans safer for all people. We are moved by compassion and a commitment to equity. We affirm that Black Lives Matter and we stand in solidarity with the global movement for Black lives. We care immensely about our entire community. We believe it is the responsibility of the citizens who employ the police force to question the institution and our local government. We take this responsibility seriously

Healthy Food
Safer Food

We believe that food is a right and that the quality and safety of food is a necessary foundation for the health of our community.

Safer Schools

We believe that schools must be safe for all students, and we will work to ensure equity and accessibility for all our children.

Safer Healthcare

We believe that healthcare is a human right and that healthcare systems must be reformed to provide equitable care to all people.

Safer Streets
Safer Streets

We believe that our streets are what connect our community. Our public spaces should be places of safety and togetherness. We support direct action and relationships of mutual care. We will act to monitor and curtail any abuse of power.

Love & Care
Safer Homes

We believe housing is a human right and and that a fundamental of health is the safety we find in our homes. We will work to help provide affordable and safe shelter for all.

What We’re doing!

(And why we’re doing it)

Do you want to get involved in making Saint Albans safer for every body?

There are number of ways to get involved – we want to hear from you. Follow our public facebook for updated events, actions & protests. Join our private facebook to participate in the discussion, find allies and help your neighbors, and sign up for our newsletter to be kept updated on important events.

Introducing The Neighbors List currently in beta. We encourage you to signup and if accepted, you can start submitting and reviewing local businesses and service providers.

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What Our Community is Saying

We hear from the community, we want to hear from you – here are some of the things folx in our community are saying.

“About a year ago we had less than 80 members of this FB group. We now have over 200. Our fight to get SRO’s out of our schools was nascent, City Council didn’t know what Juneteenth was, and my hair was so long I was giving off major 1970’s Bob Seger vibes. We have accomplished so much together and I’m deeply proud to be a part of this beloved NSSA community.”

Reese Kelly
Reese Kelly

“When Black Americans talk about being proud to be Black, they are not referencing their skin color. “Say it loud, I’m Black and I’m proud” is about who we are. Because we had every bit of our culture and ethnic pride taken from us hundreds of years ago, we have had to reinvent these things. Black isn’t our skin color, it’s our core. You can be proud to be Irish, Italian, Norwegian, English, etc… but being proud to be white means you are proud of your skin color, and being proud of your skin color is not only completely silly as you can’t control it, it lends itself to “heritage preservation”.

Reier Erickson
Reier Erickson

“I’m so thrilled this group exists! I was born & mostly raised here in St. A and I’ve struggled my whole life feeling like an unwanted outsider in my own town (partially bc I’m Queer and also bc I haven’t met or felt close to other like-minded folks in social settings in St. A.”

An NSSA Group Member
An NSSA Group Member

Videos & Education

Occasionally we’ll post videos and education pieces – if you’re interested featuring your work or have a topic you feel could use some more visibility let us know.

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