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How it started...

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How it's going.

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St. Albans City Council releases updated language for Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Committee

ST. ALBANS CITY — After considering public comment, St. Albans City leaders released an updated draft resolution that would—if passed—establish the city’s newly-named Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

The changes largely reflect comments made by multiple members of the public during August’s city council meeting. At that time, a handful of residents asked for changes in the language in order to better reflect the goals of the committee.  

“Having had the thoughtful discussion that we had last time regarding some of this language and wording, I think the committee itself and the feedback that we get—once we establish it—will be an opportunity for us to all do some learning,” council member Michael McCarthy said.

A major change includes the renaming of the committee; “Diversity” is being replaced by the word “Belonging.” The swap was recommended by Reier Erickson, founding member of community advocacy group Neighbors for a Safer St. Albans, during the council’s August meeting. 

At the time, Erickson said he and other members of the group felt that a sense of “belonging” would have a bigger impact on people in a smaller community, according to meeting minutes.


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